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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business

Terms of Business

“The booking contract” is negotiated between “the Client” and “MishMash Management”

1) “”MishMash Management” is the trading name only and all contracts are with PJSL Limited

2) “”MishMash Management” buys entertainment services from “The Artiste” and sells these entertainment services to “The Client”

4) Performance Guarantee

b) “The Artiste” selected represented and sold by “”MishMash Management” has been carefully vetted, tested and developed. c) “The Artiste” agrees to perform to the best of their abilities and perform their advertised and known act.

d) “The Artiste” agrees to be suitably dressed and professionally presented suitable for their performance.

e) “The Artiste” agrees to perform in line with any advertising material represented by“”MishMash Management”

f) “The Artiste” is responsible for the upkeep and safety of all equipment they provide for the performance including PAT testing.

g) “The Artiste” will provide public liability insurance for its own performance.

h) “The Artiste” agrees to be courteous and polite and adhere to the client’s reasonable wishes.

j) “The Artiste” will not smoke in public areas, and refrain from excessive drinking before, during and after a performance when “the client” or their guests are present.

Confidentiality Agreement

5) All parties expressly agree to keep all booking and fees detail confidential.

Confirmation and Contracts

6) Confirmation will mean any verbal, written or electronic acceptance and agreement of the booking by “The Client”. The booking takes immediate effect from confirmation. Following confirmation “”MishMashManagement” will issue contracts to both “The Client” and “The Artiste” The contract must be signed and returned immediately. Whilst signing the contract is written confirmation of a verbal or electronic confirmation, failure to sign and return the contract is not sufficient to cancel the agreement. In the event of very short notice bookings, the written contract may be sent after the event for your records.


7) To protect the interests of both “The Client” and “The Artiste” cancellation by “The Client” or “The Artiste” is not allowed for any reason.

8) In the case of cancellation of performance due to Force Majeure ( acts of god, war, fire, death, accident, civil unrest, government intervention, changes of law) which are clearly beyond the control of either “The Client”, “The Artiste” or “”MishMash Management” no cancellation fee will be paid.

Cancellation by “The Client”

9) In the event of cancellation of an engagement by “The Client” the following charges will be payable:

Where “The Client” cancels the event within two days of confirming no fee will be payable, unless the event is within seven workings days of the confirmation in which case the full fee will be payable

Where “The Client” cancels up to 3 months prior to the date of the engagement, will result in loss of any deposit paid and up to 50% of the remaining balance

Where “The Client” cancels up to 1 month prior to the date of the engagement, “The Client” will result in a loss of any deposit paid and 100% of the remaining balance due.

10) It is an integral part of this agreement that such charges are accepted and will be paid within 14 days of our invoice date. These fees reflect the fees we will have to pay the cancelled “Artiste”. Cancellation of the engagement will only be accepted in writing with proof of posting. The date of cancellation will be accepted as the date of posting.

11) In the event of cancellation “The Client” agrees to inform “MishMash Management” immediately

12) It is the responsibility of “The Client” to ensure the venue is suitable for the performance of “The Artiste”. If the artiste cannot perform due to venue restrictions “The Client” will be responsible for the cancellation fees outlined above.

Cancellation by “The Artiste”

13) Cancellation by “The Artiste” is not permitted.

14) If “The Artiste” cancels the event “”MishMash Management” will make all reasonable attempts to find a suitable replacement at no extra cost to “The Client”.

15) “”MishMash Management” will refund all fees if a suitable replacement cannot be found.

16) Should “The Artiste” cancel a booking “The Client” and “”MishMash Management” may pursue unlimited damages from “The Artiste”.“The Artiste” will also refund the “The Client” the difference between the original fee and any replacement artiste.

17) ) In the case of cancellation of performance due to Force Majeure by “The Artiste” (acts of god, war, fire, death, accident, civil unrest, government intervention, changes of law) which are clearly beyond the control of either “The Client”,“The Artiste” or “”MishMash Management” no cancellation fee will be paid.

Changes to the Contract

18) All changes to the contract must be agreed by“MishMash Management” before the performance date.

19) Changes may result in a change in fees charged.

20) Changes to the contract made on the day which are unavoidable should be first agreed with“”MishMash Management” If this is not possible, changes are to be agreed between “The Client” and

21) If “The Artiste” through no fault of their own is not able to complete their full performance due to a change in running order or delay in the timing of the event there will be no reduction in the fees charged.

22) If “The Artiste” agrees with “The Client” on the day to vary, finish later or extend performance times a fifteen percent surcharge will become payable on any fees agreed between both parties.

Please note out of office emergency number for “MishMash Management” is 07894 567344

Payment of Fees

23) Part or all of our fees will be subject to VAT at the current rate. This will be indicated clearly on all written confirmations, contracts and invoices. VAT registration number

24) Payment terms are strictly 10 days after date of engagement/event. Interest at Bank of England base rate plus 10% will be charged on a daily basis on payments received after the due date and a £40+VAT penalty in line with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

25) Payment can be made by cheque made payable to PJSL Limited or by BACS payment to PJSL Limited Sort Code 60-24-77 Account Number 18583520.


26) The contract may include a rider containing “The Artistes” technical requirements, food, travel and accommodation needs. The Rider will be agreed in advance and will form an integral part of the contract.


27) Any contract negotiated through  “MishMash Management” shall be subject to these Terms of Business unless otherwise agreed in writing between all concerned parties.

28) No servant or agent of this agency has the power to vary these terms and conditions.

29) “The Client” agrees not to approach the entertainer directly to engage for further bookings, but that all future bookings are made through “MishMash Management” or PJSL Limited, except where future bookings are to take place in excess of 24 (twenty four) months from the performance date.

Website Terms of Use

30) Copyright and design and content of this website belongs to PJSL Limited.

31) A licence is granted to users to copy or print, for personal or non-commercial use, the information contained in the website. No part of this website may be re-produced, redistributed or transmitted for any other purpose.

32) “MishMashManagement” makes every effort to ensure that the data and material in this website is complete and correct. However no liability is accepted for any error or omission from this website. The development of the website is continuous and published information may not always be up to date.

33) Links to other websites are for information purposes only. “MishMash Management” does not necessarily have control over the contents of any linked sites and therefore accepts no responsibilities for its contents.

34) Any product or service referred to in this website is subject to contract and “MishMash Management” standard terms and conditions shall apply.

35) In no event shall “MishMash Management” or PJSL limitedbe liable for any losses, damages, expenses, loss of profits or data, direct or indirect, howsoever arising from the use of this website or reliance on the material contained in this website.

36) The use of this website and any downloaded material from it and the operation of these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the user agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

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